Plane Crashes At Essendon Airport Into A Shopping Centre In Melbourne Australia

Published on 20 Feb 2017
Plane Crashes At Essendon Airport Into A Shopping Centre In Melbourne Australia

A PLANE has crashed into the Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) shopping outlet in Melbourne.
The aircraft is believed to have clipped a building at the shopping centre close to the Essendon Airport before crashing around 9am on Tuesday morning.
It was carrying five people…..
Witnesses have reported a loud and fiery explosion, and plumes of thick smoke can be seen coming from the scene.
One cafe operator who was inside the DFO complex told the crash occurred at the rear of the complex’s Spotlight store.
Emergency services have closed the shopping centre and are not allowing anyone to enter….
A second business owner said she saw the crash from the freeway on her way to work….
“I actually saw the explosion. I was coming off the freeway and I saw this huge explosion,” she said…..
“There were flames coming out of the roof and all this black smoke.”

The business owner said the aircraft did not make it far.
She said the crash occurred right near the neighbouring Essendon Airport runway.
“They are not letting anyone in at the moment,” she said.
“I haven’t heard anything, so I’m just wondering whether to start up or not.”
Only skeleton staff were present at the time of the crash as stores don’t open until 10am.
All spotlight staff had been accounted for and police were able to confirm five casualties.

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